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Whether you are freehand quilting, using a pantograph pattern or a computerized program, our quilting camera will work for you! Glancing at the back of your quilt as you go will allow you to make any adjustments necessary for a perfectly quilted back. A QUILTER’S EYE can be attached to your hand or computer-guided quilting machine easily in minutes. Relax and enjoy peace of mind while quilting BEFORE you roll your quilt up and find work that needs to be pulled out!

We are excited to announce the newest and most advanced edition of A Quilter’s Eye now available with a high definition quilting camera. The view of the stitching on the back of the quilt in high definition is amazing as you can see by the untouched picture below. The lighted camera travels next to the bobbin eliminating the inefficient and time-consuming use of a flashlight or mirror. This unit is referred to as A Quilter’s Eye 1 or our Single-Camera High Definition System.

Our new system also has the option of adding a second camera for following pantograph patterns from the front of the quilting machine! This option is helpful to quilters who have limited space or prefer not to stand at the back of their quilting machine. This second specialty camera is mounted on or near the laser stylus, and the view of the pantograph pattern and laser light is projected on our monitor screen located at the front. This unit is referred to as A Quilter’s Eye 2 or our 2-Camera High Definition System.