Our history

For as long as I can remember I have loved fabrics. Growing up in Long Beach, California, my family often went to Disneyland. Even as a little girl one of my favorite stops was the Pendleton store. I loved standing near the counter and imagining what I could make with their beautiful fabrics during which time my impatient sister was telling me to hurry so we could go on to the Matterhorn. When our oldest child was transitioning into her first twin bed, I made her a quilt without a pattern or any instruction. I still have and use that quilt which makes me smile when I see my untrained techniques for making it. That was the beginning of my love, not only for fabrics, but also quilts.

For the past 20+ years I have been teaching quilting classes.  I have made many and quilted hundreds of quilts. While struggling to meet important deadlines, I found my most frustrating problem was to roll up a client’s quilt and find poor quality stitching on the back. I used every tool in my husband’s tool box including every type of mirror and any device I could find to attach it to in an attempt to see the stitches on the back. I could be found on the floor lying under the quilt with a flashlight only to go back and forth constantly to check if the quality had improved. None of these attempts gave me the proper view or lighting where I could really see what was wrong. The seam ripper became “my best friend” and after several years of having to unpick many bad stitches, re-quilting and near nervous breakdowns at Christmas time, graduations and all other deadlines I decided there MUST be a better way to catch problems earlier. I set out to accomplish this, and A QUILTER’S EYE was born. It is a wonderful tool which I believe you will find as valuable as I do.

Happy Quilting!