1. Can A Quilter’s Eye be attached to any quilting machine?
Yes, we have installed them on many brands of quilting machines. Most installations are very easy and take only minutes. Some installations may not be as straightforward as others. If you run into difficulty while installing A Quilter’s Eye, please contact our technical support and we will “walk you through it”.

2. If I mount the monitor screen on the front of my machine, how do I see it when I occasionally do pantographs from the back?
You can loosen the screw on the monitor base and rotate the screen towards the back.

3. I have an extended base plate on my machine. Does that present a problem?
Base plates are now available from some manufacturers (Nolting and others to follow) with a “cut out” section which allows for normal viewing with A Quilter’s Eye. If your base plate doesn’t have a cut out section, please contact us.

4. I have an IntelliQuilter on my machine. Am I able to add A Quilter’s Eye?
Yes, our tall extended bracket can clamp behind the IntelliQuilter on the longarm itself and our monitor can then be positioned to the left side.

5. What if there is no room on the top of my machine to mount the monitor screen? 
All machines are different with different attachments and user preferences. We have installed monitors on the left side, top, and left arm of a machine. Click on our Photo Gallery to view examples.

6. Is A Quilter’s Eye easy to install? 
Yes, we are producing several videos and pictures taking you step by step through the installation on our web page.

7. What if my table is long and the cord which plugs into the wall does not reach the entire length? 
Any household extension cord can be added for additional length.

8. I have an APQS machine with a thread cutter on the left side. Can A Quilter’s Eye be installed on my machine?
Yes, however the thread cutter puts the view of the back about three inches away. Some customers have simply removed the thread cutter.

9. If I have a Statler Stitcher am I able to attach A Quilter’s Eye?
Yes, it will not interfere with your computerized program.

10. Do I have to stop my quilting machine to view the stitching on the back of the quilt? 
No, you can see the back of your quilt WHILE your machine is moving.

11. Does A Quilter’s Eye come with a warranty? 
Yes, you can read more about our warranty here.

12. What do I do if I have more questions? 
You can contact us at any time on our webpage www.aquilterseye.com or call us at 866-439-1119, and we will be happy to answer any of your questions.base