**All cameras are currently out of stock, and no backorders will be taken at this time.**

A Quilter’s Eye 1 (single stitch camera system) – Out of Stock


A Quilter’s Eye 2 (stitch & pantograph camera system)  – Temporarily Out of Stock

*Pantograph camera is not a laser light.  Our camera attaches to the laser light built into your longarm.

IMG-0616 –


Most units of A Quilters Eye can be easily applied to the top of a longarm in the center for easy viewing.  For quilters with tablets (large or small) or other attachments on the top of their longarm, we offer several brackets making an easy solution for mounting our monitor.  

Our most popular is our “tall” bracket which clamps onto the longarm behind your tablet and then can be easily moved to the left side or above your bracket. 

If you own a Handiquilter longarm with the small tablet front and center you may want to consider the large bracket made by HandiQuilter owners which puts our monitor up and behind the small tablet.  See the picture on our photo gallery here.

**If your longarm has a large monitor display which prevents our screen from being mounted “front and center”, you may want to consider the articulating bracket/clamp putting our monitor on the left handlebar.